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Vickie Paladino had extra comments that she added to her survey which were:

“Science is clear and Science is being added every day that life begins at conception. People who are not religious are coming around that science is undeniable on this issue.”

“Concerning government funding of abortion, regardless of where you stand on the issue of abortion itself, the use of tax money to fund or promote abortion must be ended.”

Concerning assisted suicide/euthanasia: “ I am appalled the ‘Culture of Death’ that permeates our society. I therefore strongly believe that assisted suicide/euthanasia must not ever be made legal or morally acceptable.”

“Medical decisions at every stage of life should air on the side of protecting human life.”
Paladino “strongly opposes expansion of so called ‘Hate Crime Laws’ and other unconstitutional violations of our First Amendments Rights.”


Simon MInching did not take the Personhood online Questionaire. He also did not respond to phone messages left by Personhood New York concerning the online survey.

The following answers were given by Simon MInching during the One on One interview:

Simon Minching:

        Is personally against abortion, but would find it difficult to tell a women what to do.

        Supports holding off pregnancies until after marriage, because it supports good
        Supports a prolife bill if exceptions were in it.
        Would not support a Human Life Amendment (aka Personhood Amendment).

        Would oppose Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia Bill.

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